Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Using Dropbox with external media (Ubuntu)

Dropbox.com is an awesome service. I am using it to sync my homework across four computers.
I ran into a glitch. My Ubuntu Netbook Remix computer would not sync. I could use the website so this problem wasn’t too critical.
The software reported: “Access Denied” which was odd because it was working after I installed it. Then I remember my Asus EEE has hard drive space issues. I moved the Dropbox folder to an external device.
Of course Dropbox didn’t have permission! I never set it up.
Four quick changes for this set up:
sudo chown -R $USER /media/Dropbox
sudo chmod -R u+rw /media/Dropbox
sudo chown -R $USER ~/.dropbox
sudo chmod -R u+rw ~/.dropbox
Now I am back in business.
Thank you, Dropbox.

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