Monday, January 11, 2016

On Bowie

This morning, I awoke to the news of David Bowie's passing. I initially, I was sad because we have lost another wonderful and unique human being.

And then I was happy.

The reason for joy during somber times is reflective. I have to say that I enjoyed David Bowie's work because of my mother. She and my father exposed me to every facet of music from David Bowie to Brahms, Bing Crosby and The Irish Rovers. My sister threw great 90's music at me. Our Lady Peace and School of Fish. My grandmother listened to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

As sad as I was about the passing of Mr. Bowie, moments like these give us time to reflect on the people who enrich our lives. We all can't project to millions of people like Mr. Bowie, but when you influence a child, be it with music, art, science or sports, the positive impact lasts a lifetime.

Thank you, all.

From left to right, Madia, Bowie, Sinatra, me and Bing. 

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