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Thursday, May 28, 2015

J5T – Blue Shift Designs

This week's J5T is about Milee, owner of Blue Shift Designs. She is a Western New York creator of wonderful purses, personal accessories and home accents.
1. Blue Shift Designs is the brainchild of just one person, Milee. She is responsible for all creative designs and day-to-day operations of her company. Every item is absolutely unique. Milee works with customers to deliver personalized and custom products based on the needs and wants of the individual. She has an amazing way of making products that look loved.
2. Milee's blog and Facebook page features a variety of unique purses, diaper bags and handbags, but her creativity runs to backpacks, totes and personal accessories such as aprons, scarves and wallets. She is always moving forward and has a new website under construction.
3. She isn't limited to soft goods, Milee creates notions for the home in the form of reusable aromatherapy packs, wooden objects de art and custom signs.
4. Her signs are made from lumber reclaimed from barns and are hand worked; no automated tools such as CNC machines or lasers for her.
5. All of Milee's designs incorporate an upcycling ethic. She endeavours to produce products from truly vintage materials when possible, for a unique look and feel.
Bonus Fact:
Milee has been most gracious in allowing me unprecedented details about her creativity and focus. I will be posting about Milee's talents and adventures in wood products for the home. She has a love of aboriginal dot art, reclaimed materials and hand craftsmanship. I look forward to the next post about Blue Shift Design.